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Salary & Benefits

Program Benefits

Q: Where will I work after completing my residency?
A: Completion of a pharmacy residency program opens the door to many different employment opportunities.   We will work with our residents to help search for the opportunity that best suits their interests and skills. 

Q: What opportunities are available at NorthShore?
A: NorthShore employs over 75 pharmacists and managers in a variety of roles.  Residents have access to employment opportunities before the search is taken to the public and can apply for an open position in the final month of their residency.

Q: What is the salary?
A: The salary is competitive and adjusted annually. 

Q: What are the benefits?
A: Benefits include Healthcare, Tax deferred Annuity, CE funding and more.

Q: What resources are available for residents to attend professional meetings?
A: Budgets for travel vary from year to year, and residents will be supported financially as best as possible depending upon the financial situation of the organization at the time.  The resident should expect that some costs may be incurred out-of-pocket.  Typically, reimbursement is provided (at least in part) for meeting registration, flight, and lodging in accordance with NorthShore policy.

Q: Do residents have a library and other resources available?
A: Residents are provided with a computer on-site and remote access to e-mail, Intranet, Lexi-Comp (drug information), Ovid (electronic library), and Epic (electronic patient records).  In addition to the computer resources, NorthShore has a full service library and provides lab coats, malpractice insurance and pagers.

Q: Do residents have any work space?
A: A specified office space is allocated for use by the residents.  Each resident has their own computer, work space, phone and file drawers.