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Tuition & Fees

Tuition is $8,000 for the clinical experience (university 3+1 candidates see below). Tuition is payable in 4 equal quarterly installments of $2,000 each starting on the first day of class.

University Affiliates

The student will pay the fee designated by the university to the university. From the amount paid to the university, the university will remit 75% of the general service fees to NorthShore for the clinical internship term. If the amount remitted by the university is less than $8,000, the student is responsible for paying the difference directly to NorthShore. This difference may be distributed as listed above.

If a student is dismissed or voluntarily withdraws before the 15th of the month in which tuition is due, the tuition reimbursement for that period will be prorated.

Financial Assistance

With the exception university affiliate candidates, there is no financial assistance that is available for this program. All tuition and fees must be paid by personal check or credit card. Federal student loan funding is not available for this program. Individuals who seek assistance must utilize other resources such as personal loans to help satisfy tuition payments. Three +1 candidates may apply for financial aid in the usual fashion through the university.

Fees and Other Costs

Application Fee $25
Acceptance Fee    $200 (applied toward tuition)
Books $500 (approximately)
Liability Insurance from (HPSO)  $45
ASCP Certification Exam Fee           $240