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CRNA Practice at NorthShore

NorthShore’s Department of Anesthesia distinguishes itself through the depth and breadth of its clinical practice and the unique opportunities it offers, especially for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA). NorthShore CRNAs enjoy a full scope of nurse anesthetist practices, such as caring for a pediatric or open-heart surgical patient or the administration of a peripheral nerve or neuraxial blocks. NorthShore’s reputation for excellence positions it as a highly regarded clinical organization committed to advancing the latest in patient care, research, and education of the next generation of anesthesia professionals. The department provides a challenging and dynamic work environment and culture that:

  • Supports building strong clinical skills
  • Provides mentorship for professional growth
  • Fosters inclusion of CRNA practice
  • Offers competitive compensation and benefits packages
  • Values CRNA/SRNA education
  • Promotes leadership opportunities

Employee engagement surveys repeatedly indicate high job satisfaction among the more than 80 CRNAs working throughout the integrated healthcare system. NorthShore nurse anesthetists have a 97 percent positive rating—the highest of any group in the corporation. NorthShore offers a satisfying and lifelong place of employment where nursing professionals can build a successful and satisfying career as CRNAs.

Work-Life Balance
The department’s flexible scheduling offers exceptional work-life balance options. CRNAs enjoy a variety of daytime shifts and flexible vacation scheduling with real-time availability, including “off” day allowance. At NorthShore, the Department of Anesthesia uniquely release schedules in two-month blocks. CRNAs experience minimal call requirements during the daytime only. Thanks to NorthShore’s expansive integrated healthcare system, the department provides numerous opportunities for optional call for interested CRNAs. At any given time, there are a wealth of open scheduling spots for in-house call, heart call, weekend GI call and extra shifts.

Organized CRNA Leadership
At NorthShore, CRNAs have a voice and representation at the highest levels of the corporation. CRNA leadership committee maintains open and active communication with physician leadership to promote quality improvement and impact change. CRNA leaders have a presence at each NorthShore hospital. All CRNA staff members are invited to become involved in various committees, including:

  • Patient safety
  • Medication safety
  • Magnet certification
  • Surgical improvement
  • Open heart

Continuing Education
Quality patient care depends on the continuing education of all members of the Department of Anesthesia team. At NorthShore, CRNAs learn and share the latest advances in the specialty through myriad educational and training avenues, including:

  • Monthly M and M (video conferenced to all sites)
  • Annual CRNA meeting and annual business retreat (January)
  • Heart Team/Transesophageal ECHO meetings
  • Monthly journal club at Evanston Hospital
  • Wellness program (a joint CRNA/MDA venture)
  • Current nurse anesthesia department reviews
  • Monthly SRNA seminar club

Compensation and Benefits
Recognizing that CRNAs are one of the most in-demand advanced practice nurses in the field, NorthShore offers generous benefits and a highly competitive compensation package. Ample opportunities abound to earn additional income through voluntary call and extra work as desired.

Learn More
For more information about CRNA career opportunities at NorthShore, visit our careers page.