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Research Institute

Innovative Research

The Research Institute builds on NorthShore’s promise to deliver excellence in all aspects of patient care. We direct our efforts to research initiatives that make a difference across multiple disciplines. From oncology and neurology to orthopaedics and cardiovascular care, we focus on areas of inquiry that have to potential to make the greatest impact on improving and saving lives.

Our singular aim to relieve human suffering allows us to be nimble in our approach, develop productive collaborations and quickly translate exciting discoveries into leading-edge therapies.

Leveraging our strengths in personalized medicine, excellence in informatics and a broad range of clinical trials, we remain one of the nation’s premier independent research hospitals.

Dr. Gary Kaufman

Renowned Investigators

Our state-of-the-art research laboratories and outstanding cadre of talented investigators attracts scores of likeminded clinicians and scientists at the top of their fields. The Research Institute features more than 250 principal investigators, who are leading a wide array of studies from investigator-initiated projects to industry-sponsored clinical trials.

Millions of dollars of external support fuels the novel basic to translational research conducted through the Research Institute. Many of our investigators are awarded highly competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health. Funding also comes from other federal funding programs, industry sponsors and generous philanthropy.

Involved in multi-center studies, our researchers have distinguished themselves as leaders. As national and/or global principal investigators, they not only manage NorthShore’s contributions to important studies but also coordinate the activities of principal investigators (PIs) across the country and around the world.

Dr. Michael Caplan

Novel Clinical Trials

NorthShore offers some 1,000 active clinical trials of various types, from innovative surgical procedures to the latest drug therapies. Our clinical research portfolio focuses on a range of conditions, including cancer, neurologic disorders and stroke, cardiovascular disorders, and a wide range of pediatric and gynecologic conditions.  Additionally, we offer major clinical trial programs in advanced imaging and medical genetics.

Through its interaction with departmental and division leadership, physicians and staff, our Clinical Trials Center facilitates the development of an integrated, nationally recognized center of excellence in clinical trials research.