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Personalized Medicine

Our understanding of disease at the genetic level continues to grow. Driven by advancements in genomic testing and technology, the ability to truly individualize risk assessment and medical care for better outcomes has become a reality of medical care and an expectation of our patients today. Personalized medicine has ushered in a new era in medicine and biomedical research around the world—and at NorthShore.

In recent years, we have refocused our research strengths by designating personalized medicine as one of three key initiatives of the Research Institute. Our emphasis on advancing our research portfolio in personalized medicine has already distinguished NorthShore. Working to integrate genomic information and data throughout our health system as well as health care, in general, we possess one of the most comprehensive and integrated personalized medicine programs in the country. We continue to invest in resources to support the development of scalable, bioinformatics capabilities and clinical infrastructure to meet the needs of our genomic efforts both in the clinical and research arenas. These capabilities allow us to measure the clinical utility, quality and economic outcomes of personalized medicine for our patients and our community.

NorthShore investigators are conducting genetics-based studies across a wide range of diseases and disorders. The Research Institute features a number of personalized medicine programs including: