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NorthShore Department of Nursing

Mission & Vision

Please read the public notice for our 2019 Magnet re-designation application.

At NorthShore it is our privilege to provide compassionate, individualized care for all patients. Our nurses serve as advocates for our patients, they work to make each patient the center of their own care team by empowering them to be engaged and educated in their own self-care all the while remaining committed to high standards of safety and evidence-based practices across our multidisciplinary system. We work to create a healing environment to see patients through many phases of their lives, from neonatal to geriatric care.

As a Magnet-designated organization, we are committed to providing not only the highest quality of patient care, but also to provide the support needed for nurses to develop long and rewarding careers within our multi-hospital system.

No matter what stage of professional development a nurse is at, they can receive support in their interests with funded research opportunities, scholarships for continued education and access to the latest technology. A nurse can spend his or her entire career within our multi-hospital system, finding new challenges in a collaborative atmosphere while working alongside our clinical experts, taking part in decision-making processes and receiving opportunities for national and international exposure and recognition for his or her work.

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Nursing Team

Nurses across NorthShore are key members of the interdisciplinary team that delivers high quality, patient-centered, personalized care through evidence-based practices and relationship-based care.

Nurses embody the professional values of leadership, collaboration, innovative technology, education and research. The shared decision making structure creates the environment where nurses have the accountability, autonomy and authority to make decisions related to clinical nursing practice. Councils and interdisciplinary committees include staff with varied perspectives, experience and expertise. Nurses are encouraged to take an active role in improving practices within our system for the benefit of both patient and the professional work environment. These experience affords the nurse the opportunity for professional growth and career advancement in a culture of life-long learning.