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Professional Development and Research

Nursing Development and Education | Nursing Research

Within the Department of Nursing, we not only focus on patient care but also on caring for our nurses. Our Department of Nursing Professional Development and Research provides educational and research opportunities that enhance the careers of NorthShore nurses.

Nursing Development and Education

NorthShore has several education-based initiatives for nurses interested in pursuing their bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in nursing, or obtaining certification in a nursing specialty. NorthShore provides tuition support and scholarships to encourage staff to pursue additional education.

NorthShore has ongoing academic partnerships with top institutions to guarantee our nurses receive the best education in their continued studies.

  • Nurses interested in becoming nursing professional development practitioners can participate in mentorship programs, as well as attend classes on leadership training, presentation skills and related computer programs that are offered by the NorthShore Department of Learning and Development. Through these programs, nurses are prepared to teach residency programs, advanced critical thinking skills, nursing practice and equipment education, and provide nursing orientation.

  • Nurses interested in advancing their career as a nurse preceptor may attend the Preceptor Development Program. This program includes workshops that cover various topics such as foundational preceptor skills, feedback communication, and implementation of preceptor skills in the clinical field. 

Nursing Research

NorthShore’s support of nursing research gives our nurses the opportunity to use evidence-based care in their clinical practice. Our staff includes doctorally-prepared nurses and nurse researchers who provide guidance and mentorship in the research arena. Through mentorships, NorthShore nurses can receive assistance to publish their research in nursing journals and/or present their research posters at national nursing conferences.

  • Our NorthShore Nurse Research Fellowship Program is a grant funded program in which nurses interested in an area of clinical research are mentored by our nurse researchers. This program, which is open to nurses at all four hospitals, challenges them to develop evidence-based research projects. Each project includes the creation of a research proposal, collection of data and development of presentations, posters and publications. Research support services include access to librarian support at libraries located within each of our hospitals and collaboration with NorthShore physicians and clinical professionals. Through this program, nurses are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and add to the ever-growing field of evidence-based research, which can lead to new practices implemented for the benefit of patients and staff alike. In addition, they may receive recognition for their contribution to the field of nursing.

  • NorthShore nurses are also encouraged to apply for the Quality and Patient Safety Fellows Program which provides the opportunity to develop and implement projects focused on improving the quality of patient care.