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Pathology Residency Program

The Pathology Residency Program at NorthShore-Endeavor Health offers a well-rounded program with thorough training in anatomic and clinical pathology. We pride ourselves on promoting a friendly environment conducive to learning.  Our abundance of interesting surgical cases, accessible faculty members with “open-door” policies, and plentiful resources for translational and basic research are a few of the many reasons to train here.  The department is conveniently centralized in one location, and residents are provided individual office space with personal computers and microscopes to optimize the education experience.  Additionally, trainees have opportunities to attend national meetings.

For a more in depth look into our program, please watch our video and view our twitter profile.

2023-2024 Residents:

Priyanka Batra Kadir Isidan Omar Abdelsadek  Rob Toelke
Stuart Hanviriyaput Ximena Wise Marika Forsythe Joshua Wodskow,
Chief Resident
Shruti Srikumar


Kritika Prasai   
 Sana Shah    Payu Raval, Chief Resident  

Department News

Dr. Ansa Mehreen's (2023 graduate) research project "Pregnancy Loss Associated with COVID-19 infection: Correlations with viral RNA in placental and fetal tissue" with Dr. Ernst won the Benirschke Perinatal Pathology Award at the 2024 Society for Pediatric Pathology meeting. Ansa is the second resident from our program to win this award; Dr. Crystal Bockoven (2020 graduate) won in 2020. 

Eight accepted abstracts for USCAP 2024! Congratualtions to Kadir, Ximena, Omar, Kritika, Payu and Rob and their faculty mentors.

Multiple posters and platforms were presented at the annual ASDP and CAP meetings in Chicago by NorthShore residents and faculty. Dr. Ansa Mehreen (2023 graduate) and her faculty mentor Dr. Lan won second place in the CAP resident abstract competition. 

Congratulations to our residents on their fellowships!

  • Robert Toelke, Transfusion Medicine, University of Cincinnati (2024-25)
  • Josh Wodskow, Hematopathology, Case Western Reserve University (2024-25)
  • Payu Raval, Breast Pathology, MD Anderson Cancer Center (2025-26)
  • Omar Abdelsadek, Breast Pathology, Mayo Clinic (2025-26)
  • Kritika Prasai, Gynecolgic and Breast Pathology, Washington University (2025-26)
  • Marika Forsythe, Molecular Genetic Pathology, University of Nebraska (2025-26)

NorthShore Pathology Grand Rounds Schedule for 2023-2024

July: Dr. Claudia Vanea (Modelling the Placenta from the Bottom-Up: Digital Phenotyping of Human Placenta Histology from Cells to Tissues to Organ)
August: Academic Day with Keynote Speaker Dr. Larry Jennings (Translating Epigenetics into Clinical Practice)
September: Dr. Marissa White (Empowering change: Effective strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in pathology)
October: Dr. Aparna Mahajan (Embracing the Imperfect: Uncovering, Preventing, and Recovering from Errors)
November: Dr. Matthew Oberly (Integrating Digital Pathology and Molecular Profiling to Improve Patient Outcomes)
December-January: Holiday Break
February: Dr. Kathleen Beavis (The American Board of Pathology:  Past, Present, and a Bright, Bold Future)
March: Dr. Jennifer Baccon (Tapping Into Our Strengths: Pathologists as Healthcare Leaders)
April: Dr. Mark Dunnenberger (Bringing Pharmacogenomics to the Bedside)
May: Dr. Joseph Rabban (Practical Update on Endometrial Cancer Classification, Staging and Reporting in the Molecular Era)
June: Dr. Ian M Frayling (Genetics)

NorthShore's PGY2 and PGY3 residents successfully presented their challenging cases at Illinois Registry of Anatomic Pathology (IRAP) in November 2023