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Educational Programs

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has long been committed to educating the broad array of health care professionals required to deliver high-quality care and services. From training those just entering the field to honing the skills of NorthShore’s clinical staff, we provide a vibrant, innovative and personable environment for learning.

Residency and Fellowship Training

Shaping the next generation of pathologists, we offer a highly competitive Pathology Residency Program sponsored by NorthShore’s academic partner, the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. NorthShore's Evanston Hospital offers fully accredited, well-rounded training in anatomic and clinical pathology for 12 residents.  All residents rotate at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and the Medical Examiner's Office in Chicago.  We also provide opportunities for supervised research work within and outside the department. 

Additionally, we offer a new Women's Pathology Fellowship, and joint clinical fellowships in collaboration with the University of Chicago in Medical Microbiology and Molecular Genetic Pathology, an emerging specialty area complementing new advances in personalized medicine. 

The department also provides educational opportunities for medical students.

For more information about NorthShore’s pathology residency/fellowships or rotations, contact the program at

Medical Laboratory Scientist Program

Nearly 70 percent of treatment decisions rely on laboratory results—critical information gathered and provided by medical laboratory scientists (MLS). In a growing field where they are in high demand, MLS not only utilize increasingly sophisticated technology to perform tests for a variety of diseases but also interpret results, analyze data, conduct research and assess the latest testing methods. Since 1940, NorthShore has trained motivated individuals for medical laboratory careers in myriad health care settings through our accredited Evanston Hospital MLS Program.

Phlebotomy Education

Almost every patient or donor who gives blood for diagnostic testing comes in contact with a phlebotomist. Trained to perform needle sticks and other blood collection procedures, these certified professionals ensure the comfort of patients as well as the standardized procurement of blood samples for the most accurate testing. Students in the NorthShore Phlebotomy Program, as well as nurses and medical assistants, learn from our experienced phlebotomists at our NorthShore hospitals.