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Few of the most rewarding years of my academic career were spent at NorthShore. The faculty and staff at NorthShore is fully committed to teaching and educational excellence, that is manifested in its fellows performance in research and academics on the national level. It was indeed an honor to have trained at such a prestigious institution. - Omer Iftikhar, MD

I am enjoying my fellowship training here at the University of Chicago (NorthShore) program. We have excellent variety of pathology and case volume with a great hands-on experience. - Ali Alsaad, MD

I’m currently a 3rd-year cardiology fellow at the University of Chicago - NorthShore program. It has been a superb experience and I´m very happy I chose this program for my cardiology training. From the very beginning I noted an atmosphere of camaraderie among fellows and attendings; the relationship is of mutual respect. Our program leadership has our educational needs as their top priority and is very receptive of fellow input. We have daily cardiology lectures, very reasonable working hours and dedicated time for board exam preparation. We have leaders in the field in every subspecialty area, state of the art technology, a diverse patient population and multiple research opportunities. The small size of the fellowship program makes it possible for us to have personalized training. We also have the beautiful city of Chicago for us to enjoy. You are not going to regret coming here. - Oscar Garza Ovalle, MD

Becoming a Cardiology Fellow has been a very rewarding goal of mine. Considering the work and effort this goal demands since early in one’s training, choosing the right place with the available opportunities, and importantly the people that will coach you in the development of your advanced skills as a cardiologist, is crucial.

NorthShore is blessed with a leadership that impeccably listens and advocates for its fellows. Without exception in our monthly meetings, we are requested feedback and suggestions about each rotation, to later see some of those suggestions become policy in order to improve our experience.

The division of Cardiology is well over 40 physicians strong, with most of those eagerly involved in our education and well-being as fellows, mentoring and sharing one-on-one from their professional and personal experience. The collegial environment where we work makes the learning curve an enjoyable transition and a safe place for knowledge growth.

We work with each subspecialty within cardiology including interventional and structural cardiology, vascular medicine, EP, lipidology, advanced heart failure and transplant, advance imaging and if desired a surgical rotation considering the heart team; greatly beneficial while tailoring professional endeavors.

Besides our academic affiliation with the University of Chicago, the Department of Cardiology is involved in multiple clinical trials and institutional projects where our participation is welcomed and desired. If your inclination is that of academics and research, there is significant institutional support. On the other side if you will pursue a clinically driven practice, you will see plenty of advanced cases where the multidisciplinary approach of the subspecialties within cardiology really make a difference in outcomes.

I feel more than grateful for the opportunity to train at NorthShore, and now a little over a year since I started fellowship, I come to the same conclusion at the end of each rotation: I’m very proud to be a NorthShore Cardiology Fellow. - Luis H. Paz Rios, MD