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Hospital Medicine (Hospitalists)

Who We Are

Hospitalists are board certified Internal Medicine or Pediatric physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. These hospital-based experts provide consistent, high-quality, evidence-based inpatient medical care at all the NorthShore hospitals. Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and the NorthShore Hospitalists are partners who work together to ensure seamless continuity in your care. There is always a Hospitalist available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coordination of Care

Because there is always an attending Hospitalist, during your hospital stay, your Hospitalist and PCP will share information about your status and the care you receive. The Hospitalists communicate important information at the time of admission, throughout your hospital stay, and after discharge to ensure excellent coordination of your care from the hospital to outpatient providers.

Discharge Information

When you are discharged, your Hospitalist creates a personalized summary of your hospitalization for you and sends a formal summary of your stay to your doctor. This provides important information about your hospitalization and ensures a smooth transition after discharge. At discharge, your nurse will review and explain the discharge instructions created by the Hospitalist for you before you leave. By the time you have your first office visit after your hospitalization, your PCP will have received the written summary of your care sent by the Hospitalist.

Things you need to know before you are discharged:

  • What will your medications be at home?
  • What medications have been changed?
  • What medications are new?
  • What tests do you need to have after you leave the hospital? How soon do you need them?
  • What doctors do you need to see after you leave the hospital?
  • When do you need to see the doctor after you leave the hospital?
  • Any special instructions?

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Division of Hospital Medicine: