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Wi-Fi Internet

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) now has wireless Internet access available at Evanston Hospital.

Wi-Fi computer network technology allows computers, PDAs and smartphones to connect to the Internet via a wireless network. NorthShore has installed IEEE 802.11 b/g access points throughout the hospitals for patients & guests to use.

NorthShore is providing this service free of charge for its patients and guests, however users must bring their own Wi-Fi enabled equipment and software.

At a Wi-Fi equipped NorthShore location patients and guests will be able to open a web browser & select NorthShore Guest WiFi from a list of available networks. They will then see a NorthShore welcome page. Once the Terms of Service agreement is reviewed & accepted they are connected to the Internet. No passwords. No fees.

As with all other forms of wireless communication, the signal is not secure and can be received by anyone within broadcast range. A wireless Internet session must be encrypted to be made secure.

Although the signal is not secure the NorthShore Wi-Fi network is designed to allow outbound VPN connectivity. This will be very useful for patients and guests, allowing them to connect back to their corporate office over a secure tunnel to retrieve email or access files.

Wireless FAQ brochures will soon be available at the hospitals Concierges desk for anyone who may have questions or need assistance connecting to the wireless network. If users still have trouble connecting they can contact the NorthShore Help Desk at 847.982.5170.