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Brain/Neurology Surgery

Surgery is often the first step toward treating brain cancer. Surgical procedures that remove the entire tumor may be all that is needed for low-grade brain tumors. For more complex or advanced cases, surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible can enhance the benefits of radiation and/or chemotherapy. Neurosurgery also allows for the biopsy of tumor tissue for the most accurate diagnosis of a patient’s specific tumor type to best guide treatment planning.

At NorthShore, our skilled neurosurgeons work closely with our neuro-oncology experts to develop personalized surgical treatment plans to preserve neurologic function and optimize outcomes.  Our board-certified neurosurgeons possess the surgical expertise and knowledge to treat almost any kind of brain cancer, from primary tumors such as glioblastoma multiforme to brain metastases that have spread from cancer elsewhere in the body.

Pioneering advanced minimally invasive brain surgery technologies and techniques, NorthShore offers a variety of innovative approaches to treating brain tumors, including:

Synaptive: This cutting-edge robotic system enables our neurosurgeons to more precisely map the optimal path for removing previously inaccessible tumors with the least amount of damage to healthy tissue. We were the first in the Chicago area to offer this advanced technology.

NICO BrainPath: Our specialists use this innovative technology to carefully navigate through the delicate folds and natural fibers of the brain transsulcal to reach tumors once considered inoperable. This advanced system features exceptional visualization and specialized surgical instruments that help minimize tissue trauma and damage to brain function.

GammaTile Therapy: NorthShore is the first in Illinois to offer this new approach to treating malignant brain tumors. This recently FDA-approved Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) is designed to delay tumor growth for patients with high-grade gliomas, meningiomas, and brain metastases. The surgical team places a tile, smaller than a postage stamp (2cmx2cm) and embedded with Cesium-131 radiation, at the tumor site immediately after removing the tumor. This treatment strategy works by targeting and radiating residual tumor cells that might lead to recurrence while patients go about their daily lives.

In addition to the latest innovations and minimally invasive surgical techniques, our neurosurgeons have vast experience performing awake brain surgeries (craniotomies) to remove tumors located near critical areas that control speech, movement, and cognition. Real-time patient feedback during awake surgery helps preserve brain function and provides surgeons with the essential guidance they need to maximize tumor removal.

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