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Soft Tissue Sarcoma and Bone Surgery

Soft tissue includes connective tissue, muscle, fat, nerves and blood vessels that perform important functions throughout the body. Benign tumors can potentially develop within any of these systems. Benign soft tissue tumors are more common, including lipomas (fatty tissue), hemangiomas (blood vessels) and leiomyomas (smooth muscles). These benign tumors require an accurate diagnosis and at times, removal to prevent progression.

The malignant form of soft tissue cancer, sarcoma, can also evolve from any of these structures, but is most commonly located in the extremities (arms and legs) and abdomen. Abdominal sarcomas can extend to involve nearby organs, requiring removal or presurgical treatment. Surgery is an important component of sarcoma treatment. At NorthShore, our cancer surgeons have expertise to treat this disease and work collaboratively with plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. For extremity sarcomas, our fellowship trained surgeons focus on limb salvage with preservation of critical structures including nerves and blood vessels. Close collaboration with NorthShore's specialists in plastic surgeryneurosurgery and vascular surgery, provide a tailored approach to not only provide a cure but also to preserve function. NorthShore is only one of several centers of excellence in the United States to provide regional therapy for advanced or recurrent soft tissue sarcomas that may not be amenable to surgery.  These techniques include isolated limb infusion and isolated limb perfusion.  Each of these techniques provide the delivery of a concentrated dose of chemotherapy to the affected location to maximize response and to minimize side effects with the intent to cure.

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