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Oncology Nurses

Oncology nurses are key members of your Kellogg Cancer Center team. Care providers as well as educators and patient advocates, our nurses specialize in hematology/oncology nursing and the comprehensive, compassionate care of patients with cancer.

Highly skilled professionals, our nurses must complete rigorous training sponsored by the Oncology Nursing Society to successfully earn their chemotherapy administration provider cards. This advanced education ensures nursing competency in treating patients with chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs.

Most of our nurses are working toward or have achieved certification as Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN) administered by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation. Certification requires periodic renewal and ongoing professional development to meet the highest standards in oncology nursing.

Collaborative Nurse

The collaborative nurse is the nursing professional who works with the physician in clinic to deliver comprehensive patient care.

The collaborative nurse assists patients in care coordination, diagnosis and treatment education, and acts as a primary resource throughout your journey.

In conjunction with the physician, navigator and other team members, the collaborative nurse will:

  • Provide education to you and your family from the time of diagnosis throughout the course of treatment including information on treatment plan, side effects, resources, booking appointments and home care instructions
  • Provide resources for Advanced Care Planning
  • Coordinate Survivorship follow up
  • Facilitate appointment and test scheduling
  • Coordinate referrals to dieticians, social workers and other resources
  • Review your After Visit Summary to ensure you understand your physician’s instructions and follow up
  • Serve as a contact for phone calls and follow up questions

Treatment Nurse

The treatment nurse administers the medications and infusions provided in the Kellogg Cancer Center as ordered by the medical oncologist.

As part of the comprehensive Kellogg care team, the treatment nurses ensure that your physical, emotional and psycho-social needs are met during your visit and throughout your cancer care experience. 

At the end of each of your treatment visits, your nurse will review your After Visit Summary to make sure you understand:

  • What side effects you may anticipate
  • What medications have been prescribed
  • When to alert your physician about any symptoms

Additional multidisciplinary team members in Kellogg include dieticians, social workers, financial advocates and research coordinators.