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Advanced Cellular Therapy (CAR T)

Cellular therapies are among the most promising developments in the ongoing battle against a growing number of cancers. Our Hematopoietic Stem Cell Program has long been accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) and we have recently expanded our cellular therapies with a certified CAR T-cell treatment for lymphoma patients. These treatments use living cells, harnessing the body’s immune system to recognize and attack abnormal/cancerous cells.

One of the first non-university-based certified programs in the state, our CAR T-cell program is led by hematologist David Grinblatt, MD. The pioneering, FDA-approved therapy is the best new option for those with relapsed or refractory lymphoma, and is offering game-changing benefits for these patients.

CAR-T cell therapy involves chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) genetically modified T cells (a type of immune cell) that are designed to recognize and activate specific tumor cell molecules to destroy malignant cells.

Patients’ own immune cells are collected in a process similar to dialysis, engineered to fight the cancer cells, and then given back to the patient in this advanced, highly anticipated therapy.

FDA-approved cellular therapies are now available for all blood cancers, and are on the horizon for many solid tumor malignancies.

NorthShore’s Cellular Therapy program involves a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of clinicians with years of experience and a focus on everything from managing side effects to helping patients navigate and streamline the outpatient therapy process. Specialists from across our growing healthcare system work collaboratively to care for patients with the most complex and challenging cancers.