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Nurse Navigators

For many of our patients, battling cancer is an all-encompassing effort. Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer have the added support of a specialized oncology nurse navigator to help them through their diagnosis and treatment.

Nurse navigators provide a direct point of contact for patients who have questions about their diagnosis and treatment, help patients deal with a myriad of issues throughout their care and refer them to a variety of resources to help them with their individual needs. Nurse navigators attend weekly multidisciplinary conferences, to discuss each individual patient’s case and status.


Nurse Navigator Eileen Van PeltBreast Cancer
Eileen Van Pelt

Rachel ParejaBreast Cancer
Rachel Pareja

Betsaida MartinezGenitourinary Cancer - Bladder and Kidney
Betsaida Martinez


Elisha VictorGenitourinary Cancer - Prostate
Elisha Victor

Nurse Navigator Margaret WhalenGI Cancer
Margaret Whalen

Nurse Navigator Jade DistajoHead and Neck Cancer
Jade Distajo


Nurse Navigator Martha McCurdyGenitourinary Cancer – Prostate Cancer
Martha McCurdy