When an application is received, the following procedure is used to process it.

  1. The application is held until transcripts from all universities attended and two reference letters are received. If the applicant is an international graduate, the external transcript evaluation must also be a part of the student’s file.
  2. If the grade point average meets minimum requirements, the student is contacted to set up an interview.
  3. Selected faculty interview the applicant.
  4. Utilizing selection criteria, the class is selected and alternate places are assigned by the Admissions Committee.

The program begins the first Tuesday after Labor Day. The deadline for receipt of applications is November 30; applications received after this date will be considered as time and space allow. 

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Minimum criteria for consideration of admission to the Evanston Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program include:

Academic Credit Students from Affiliated Universities: Completion of all pre-requisite clinical laboratory science courses required by the university that render a student eligible for a baccalaureate degree at the completion of the clinical program.   Post-baccalaureate Students: The baccalaureate degree should include the following.

  1. 16 semester hours (24 quarter hours) of biological science (with one semester in microbiology)
  2. 16 semester hours (24 quarter hours) of chemistry (with one semester in organic or biochemistry)
  3. 1 semester (one quarter) of mathematics

Grade Point Average

A cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.8 (4 point system) with a cumulative 3.0 in biology and chemistry courses taken.

Health Program

Students must submit proof of immunization to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella and be screened for TB. A Hepatitis B vaccine series is recommended.


Proof of health insurance and professional liability coverage must be received before the first day of the clinical education. The hospital will provide emergency service for a student; charges incurred will be the responsibility of the student.

Selection Criteria

Once admission eligibility has been established, students are selected using the following criteria:

  1. cumulative and science grade point averages
  2. reference letters from biology, chemistry and laboratory instructors; letters from employers (supervisors and manager) are also acceptable
  3. evaluation of the interview; the form used in scoring is furnished upon request

Admission to the Medical Laboratory Science Program is made without discrimination because of race, color, gender, religion, disability, and national or ethnic origin.