Personalized Care

Personalized medicine, also referred to as individualized medicine, is all about customizing a patient’s care and treatment plan based on his or her unique genetic characteristics and health history. Through this level of customized care, our NorthShore Center for Personalized Medicine is able to more effectively treat the patient—before, during and after diagnosis—not just the disease or condition.

The work currently being done at the Center is transforming the way we practice medicine. A few examples include:

  • Identifying the exact gene mutation that predisposes you to breast and colon cancer as well as other cancers through DNA (genomic) sequencing
  • Determining the best cancer treatment plan by analyzing the genetic makeup of your malignant tumor
  • Analyzing your family genetic history to help prevent the development of a chronic condition, such as diabetes
  • Applying key DNA diagnostic learnings from our laboratory to rapidly treat influenza with the right drug therapy
  • Determining the best drug therapy and dosage for your stroke or blood thinning medication

With a better understanding of an individual’s unique genetic code and genomic information, our team can develop individualized prevention and treatment options that will impact patient care today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Dr. Khandekar with patient

Innovative Research

Through the innovative research already being done at NorthShore in personalized medicine—including studies on cancer, neurology, cardiovascular conditions, psychiatry, infectious disease and inheritable conditions—our team is able to learn more about our patients on a molecular level. This knowledge along with the learnings from future studies, will allow us to better provide answers to complex medical challenges and conditions, tailor our approach for therapeutic options, and shape the health and well-being of our patients, their families and our community.

As we look to improve the health of our community, the Center for Personalized Medicine will be involved in various projects. Our team is collaborating with other healthcare institutions on various clinical trials designed to help promote more personalized care options for patients with specific diseases and conditions.

Individualized Care

Team Approach

At the Center for Personalized Medicine we take a team approach to providing our patients with tailored care. Our researchers, scientists and physicians work together to apply their unique expertise to customize the care each patient receives at NorthShore—whether that be through healthcare informatics, laboratory services, medical genetics, clinical practices and innovative research.

Our multidisciplinary team, through the integration of sophisticated genomic and health history information, can seamlessly provide patients with the best possible methods for preventing, predicting and treating various diseases and conditions.

NorthShore is well positioned to be a leader in personalized medicine. Having access to a comprehensive repository of health information; a robust, full-service laboratory that includes molecular capabilities; innovative, translational research; and a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system allows us to tailor healthcare to our patients’ individual, unique needs.

Collaborative Team

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