At NorthShore we’ve been at the forefront of utilizing innovative techniques and technologies to help improve patient care and outcomes for decades. From identifying the first case of swine flu in Illinois, to leading the nation in developing a customized medical therapy option for lung cancer based on advanced tumor sequencing, our translational capabilities put us in a unique position to make significant advancements in the field of Personalized Medicine.

The Center for Personalized Medicine has a strong commitment to leading-edge research and collaborative clinical trials allowing us to better understand, diagnose and treat diseases and other conditions—ultimately providing direct benefits to our patients. These groundbreaking discoveries lead to:

  • Improved care through more effective screening and treatment options
  • Precise medical dosing amounts to significantly reduce adverse effects
  • Increased patient safety measures against infection and common illnesses
  • Reduced costs due to less trial and error with treatments and medications

Our Center for Personalized Medicine is currently seeking patient participation in the following areas:

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