The Center for Personalized Medicine is committed to advancing the future of healthcare by personalizing patient care and treatment. One way this will be made possible is through innovative research.

As the field of medicine continues to evolve, our team at NorthShore is able to further develop the best, most effective treatments and therapies. Our Center for Personalized Medicine is on forefront of these important advances—utilizing highly developed genetic testing, analysis of complex medical data and a patient’s personal medical history to advance care and improve outcomes.

Much of the research being done at NorthShore already focuses on the unique genetic makeup of individuals to help guide results. Some of the research we are currently involved has a specific focus on individualized medicine, including:

  • DodoNA Project —Under the leadership of Demetrius Maraganore, MD, this study looks to predict neurological outcomes and guide treatment opportunities for 11 neurological disorders by utilizing our sophisticated electronic medical record system and collected blood samples.
  • Center for Psychiatric Genetics —Pablo Gejman, MD, and his team at the NorthShore Research Institute have been studying the genetic patterns and molecular information of schizophrenia and other complex psychiatric disorders for many years. Through their research and through the collaboration of more than 200 other researchers as part of the Schizophrenia Psychiatric Genome-wide Associate Study (GWAS) Consortium, important implications for clinical classification of schizophrenia have been made and new targets for treatments have been uncovered. The Center continues to conduct research and is looking for new pharmacological strategies for treatment.
  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research – Through the generous support of our donors and from the proceeds of the American Craft Exposition, our team is able to engage in the essential research needed develop better treatment, prevention and surveillance of breast and ovarian cancers. Funds raised in 2014 for ACE will benefit the development of a progestin-based pharmacologic approach for effective ovarian cancer prevention.

NorthShore’s strong commitment to innovative, leading edge research puts us in a unique position to make significant advancements in the field of individualized medicine—all with the end goal of applying these advancements and learnings to a clinical setting to further provide compassionate, personalized patient care.

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