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Spine Tumor

Quality, Collaborative Care

At NorthShore Neurological Institute, we understand the multi-faceted effects spine tumors can have on a patient’s physical well-being—back pain, muscle weakness, balance issues or decreased function. In order to achieve the best patient outcome, we employ a multidisciplinary approach to care.

Our spine tumor specialists include:

  • Neuro-oncologists and neurosurgeons specially trained in spinal column oncology
  • Physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians) with expertise in pain management 

This team collaborates to provide seamlessly coordinated care. Depending on the location of the spine tumor, our team may also consult with otolaryngology experts, as well as general and thoracic surgery experts.

Innovative Spine Tumor Treatment

Our team can expertly treat various types of spine tumors—from rare primary tumors that arise in the spinal cord to metastatic tumors of the spinal column that result from cancer elsewhere in the body.

Our spine neurosurgeons offer innovative surgical treatments to reduce or eliminate the pain often associated with spine tumors. We utilize the newest minimally invasive approaches—often involving neuro-navigation using sophisticated imaging technology as well as advanced stereotactic radiosurgery—to destroy spine tumors.

Removing spine tumors is only one part of the equation. Equally important is the ability to stabilize the spine once the lesion is gone. Our fellowship-trained neurosurgeons have experience with complex spinal procedures including spinal column reconstruction. Working alongside NorthShore radiation oncologists, our team makes use of the most effective technology and equipment, developing personalized spine tumor treatment plans designed to prolong survival, while improving function.

NorthShore’s pain management specialists—physiatrists as well as anesthesiologists—also provide therapeutic options to help patients manage their acute pain dysfunction and prevent disability. A comprehensive care plan may include imaging studies on site, medications, spinal injections and physical therapy.

For More Information

Please call 877.570.7020 for more information on spine tumor symptoms and treatment, or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.