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Concussion Clinic

The NorthShore Neurological Institute features concussion experts, as well as sports neurology specialists, experienced in the area of brain injury—from the very mild to the most severe.

What is a Concussion

Concussion can occur in a variety of ways, such as slipping and falling at home, injuring yourself at work, being involved in a motor vehicle accident and playing in competitive sports. These situations as well as others from daily life can put people of all ages at risk for concussion and in some circumstances, more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI), such as bleeding. 

If you suspect symptoms of a head injury, we encourage you to seek a medical assessment as early as possible.

A Comprehensive Approach

NorthShore offers a unique multidisciplinary Concussion Clinic in the Chicagoland area that allows patients to receive multiple evaluations in one convenient setting. Located at the Park Center Health and Fitness facility in Glenview,  the clinic serves all patients. 

After an assessment including a detailed history and physical exam by a neurologist, you may be further evaluated at the Park Center clinic site. We employ standard professional-grade gym equipment such as stationary bikes and treadmills as well as agility equipment to test your exertional tolerance and the status of your injury. Our concussion specialists may also use diagnostic imaging or more advanced forms of physical examination in collaboration with healthcare professionals in physical therapy or neuropsychology. This comprehensive approach adds to your specialist’s understanding and potential causes of the underlying diagnosis of concussion. Our unique streamlined approach leads to a more thorough and precise diagnosis of concussion and any contributing injuries to ensure the best treatment and recovery–allowing a more efficient all-in-one visit.

Our team has particular sports concussion expertise in evaluating and treating athletes at various levels of competition—recreational to elite—with head injuries. Our sports neurology and concussion team offer a full spectrum of concussion and head injury assessment and treatment strategies as well as helps to promote long-term brain health with appropriate counseling, testing and reduction of risk factors.

The Park Center facility is available for future appointments as well as to assist with return to exercise or to play for athletes or the athletically-inclined.