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Stroke Outcome Report

Nationally recognized stroke care at NorthShore
Evanston Hospital is a Joint Commission-certified Comprehensive Stroke Center. This means that we provide stroke patients the highest level of care possible. Glenbrook Hospital, Highland Park Hospital and Swedish Hospital recently renewed their subsequent recertification for Primary Stroke Center status.

Superior expertise
Evanston Hospital is the largest neurovascular service in the region (EMS region X). Our nationally renowned doctors offer highly specialized surgical techniques and interventional neuroradiology procedures not available elsewhere in this region. This means better results for patients who may otherwise suffer from irreversible brain damage or death. As a comprehensive stroke center at Evanston Hospital, we are equipped to diagnose and treat stroke patients who require a highest level of medical care. This includes those experiencing a large ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, stroke from unusual etiologies or requiring specialized testing, or those requiring multispecialty management. This also includes complex vascular disease including stenosis, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), arteriovenous fistula (AVF), and aneurysms.

Our neurosurgical team is equipped with the state of the art technology to treat aneurysms. The Northshore team pioneered innovative EndoBridge technology for treatment of aneurysms in our state. This technology blocks blood flow into the aneurysm, protecting the patient from potentially lethal bleeding. We also lead the way in the use of Synaptive fiber tracking robotic optics in Illinois, which allows for 3D visualization of the disease process during patient consultation.

Our stroke outcomes
Many of the patients who come to us for neurological treatment were referred here by physicians who recognize our expertise in proven therapies and our high quality of care. We offer care that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs, and we continuously focus on improving the patient experience.