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At the Neurological Institute, comprehensive and compassionate care means we not only offer expert diagnosis and treatment but also support our patients through their recovery. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve the best possible outcomes and maximizes their quality of life.

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation services team consists of board-certified physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation) as well as licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists with extensive experience providing state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation evaluation and services. Rehabilitation strategies may include medications, injections, exercise, lifestyle and self-care.

The team works with patients to achieve the highest level of independence performing tasks of daily living, walking, communicating and work and leisure activities. The rehabilitation team also works to address adaptive equipment needs, including wheelchair assessment, home modification and safety.

Working closely with other Neurological Institute experts, our neurorehabilitation specialists help patients with brain and spine conditions, ranging from stroke to multiple sclerosis, to regain independence and restore maximum possible function. Our expertise covers a wide range of advanced neurorehabilitation services, such as:

  • Spasticity services (including ultrasound-guided injection treatment)
  • LSVT (speech disorders treatment with trained therapists) for Parkinson’s disease
  • Body-weight supported treadmill training
  • Neuroprosthesis clinic

The neurorehabilitation team designs individualized care plans that provide high quality rehabilitative services in the hospital, in acute inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient or in the home environment.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

NorthShore Evanston Hospital houses an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit, where our rehabilitation nursing staff provides care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Providing advanced neurorehabilitation expertise, our dedicated neurorehabilitation team includes physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, neuropsychologists, social workers, spiritual care and support, therapeutic recreation therapists and dietitians , who collaborate to tailor rehabilitation services to each patient’s unique needs. They also maintain close contact with patients’ primary care physicians and specialists for a seamless patient experience.

The inpatient rehabilitation program offers special features and activities of particular benefit to patients with functional impairments due to neurological conditions. They include interactive video game system-assisted therapy; a kitchen, bathroom and laundry facility used in training for day-to-day activities; pet therapy; and even a car, in which patients can safely practice transfer techniques under the supervision of trained therapy staff.

Neurological Institute neurorehabilitation physiatrists possess decades of experience caring for patients with neurological conditions. Working closely with neurologists and neurosurgeons, they coordinate the care of patients after their hospital stay as part of NorthShore’s comprehensive discharge planning process. These highly skilled physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians also provide follow-up care and further evaluation in the outpatient setting, connecting patients and their families to specialists and facilities that specifically focus on neurorehabilitation.