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Epilepsy Clinical Trials

Feasibility of Continuous Pupil Dilation and Other Autonomic Monitoring as Non-Invasive Means of Seizure Prediction and Detection in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

Aims: People who experience seizures have difficulty recognizing and accurately remembering when and how often they had seizures, and predicting when they will have seizures in the future. There is a need to detect and predict when seizures occur to try to reduce the harm that can come from having them. Researchers have worked on different methods of detecting and predicting seizures by looking at EEGs, body movements, sweating, heart rate variability and other things that may change around the time seizures occur. This study for the first time will look at what happens to the pupils of the eye around the time of seizures with the goal of developing another method to detect and predict seizures. This pilot study will focus on the feasibility of monitoring eye dilation in the EMU.
Principal Investigator: Jaishree Narayanan, MD
NorthShore Project Number: EH18-108
Contact: Call 847.570.2547 with questions regarding the study.