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Story of the ‘Staches

Story of the ‘Staches

MensHealthStoriesWhen your doctor says “I want to see you,” it’s not because it’s part of their job, it is their job. They want to keep you alive and healthy as much as your family would love to see you at your best too. Don’t believe us? Listen to these men share their stories of how going to the doctor saved their lives.

Allen would have never predicted a stroke in his future. The 73-year-old practicing attorney had no obvious risk factors and maintained a fit and healthy life. Discover how he went from stroke to survivor.

After ignoring what he thought was a pimple, Fleet, a professional Santa, was told that he likely had six months to live. After a second opinion with NorthShore, Fleet beat cancer and lives to deliver Christmas. Read to see how an appointment saved Fleet’s life.

Joe thought he was going to die young just like the men in his family before him. With the help of the Mark R. Neaman Center for Personalized Medicine, Joe and his brothers can plan on being around for a long time. Take a peek into how the Flannigan men are staying alive.

With a full scholarship ahead of him, Connor couldn’t let his hip pain slow him down. Fortunately, NorthShore helped Connor rebound from hip replacement to the court.

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