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From the Heart: How Joe’s Doctor Saved More than One Patient

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 8:15 AM

Approximately 1 in 4 Americans have heart-related problems. Joe Flannigan knew that his family had a history of cardiovascular disease and several of his family members have died way too young. “My experience with NorthShore was a game changer,” states Joe. He wanted to try and change the course of history for himself and his family, so he turned to NorthShore’s Center for Personalized Medicine for help.


Led by David Davidson, MD, Cardiologist at NorthShore, Joe’s team of experts identified an abnormality called lipoprotein(a), which makes bad cholesterol more likely to form coronary blockages. One by one, Dr. Davidson met with Joe’s siblings to review risk factors and provide personalized treatments to help them enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Eating healthier, losing a little weight, and adding or altering medications are all relatively small changes that are helping Joe reduce his risk factors. “Without NorthShore and the personally tailored approach by Dr. Davidson,” Joe says, “my family’s newfound knowledge about our genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease wouldn’t have happened.”

In honor of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, Joe Flannigan and his family are recognizing and thanking Dr. Davidson. If a NorthShore physician made a difference for you or someone in your family, consider honoring them with a donation this Doctors’ Day.