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Speak Up for Women’s Health

Take the pledge to take action for your health! #SpeakUp4WH

Why Women’s Health?

By bringing attention to this topic, we can help women who are suffering in silence to find the courage to talk to their doctor. We will also educate women who have not had any pain to be aware of the symptoms so if they do experience them, they know who to go to for treatment. It is time to take the pledge and speak up about your health!

Are you experiencing pelvic pain yourself? Take the online questionnaire, which provides an opportunity to identify any concerns, and arrange an appointment with an appropriate women’s health provider.

Advanced Gynecologic Care Questionnaire  

Interested in pledging more than your name? Please consider making a donation to support Women’s Health and NorthShore’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Donations are pivotal to developing advanced treatment options, training future healthcare providers and supporting our most vulnerable patients.

Please join us