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Obstetrics Trials

Effect of Early Purposeful Rotation of Fetal Occiput Posterior Presentation on Delivery Outcomes-A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
 To determine whether rotation of the fetus from a face-up position (occiput posterior) to a face-down position (occiput anterior) early during the pushing phase of labor will reduce the risk of cesarean section and maternal tissue tearing.
Occiput posterior position
Principal Investigator:
Emmet Hirsch, MD
Sarah Hoque, M
IRB Approval Number: EH12-328
Interested patients should contact Rita Elue, RN, 847.570.1755
Open to Enrollment:

The Role of Membrane Progesterone Receptors in Primary Myometrial Cells
The goal of this project is to understand how progesterone works, and to study the expression and functions of progesterone receptors in labor.
Women undergoing cesarean section
Principal Investigator: Jing Lu PhD
Co-Investigator(s): Emmet Hirsch
IRB Approval Number: EH13-382
Sponsor: NorthShore Pilot Grant
Contact: Rita Elue at 847.570.1755
Open to Enrollment: No