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Pelvic Health

Millions of women suffer from urinary incontinence, endometriosisfibroidspelvic health disorders and other medical conditions. For women who experience urinary and pelvic problems, our Center for Pelvic Health offers the most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment options to restore your confidence and return you to your full and active lifestyle.

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Integrative Approach

At NorthShore, the Center for Pelvic Health brings together an understanding team of specialists with extensive experience helping women overcome their bothersome pelvic conditions.

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures you receive the best and most comprehensive care. The Center’s features experts in Urogynecology, Gynecological Pain & Minimally Invasive Surgery and Colorectal Surgery who offer expertise in cutting-edge approaches for a broad spectrum of pelvic floor symptoms. Our team members regularly work together and collaborate with dedicated providers from Gastroenterology and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to customize your treatment to your specific needs.

Pelvic Health care

Minimally Invasive Care

Our specialists skillfully treat an array of gynecologic, bowel, and urinary problems to enhance your quality of life and to provide you with peace of mind. Your individualized treatment plan may include a variety of approaches, such as dietary and behavioral strategies, physiotherapy techniques, medications, acupuncture, office-based treatments and/or surgery.

When treatment involves surgery, the Center’s board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons perform 90 percent of procedures using the most innovative and minimally invasive techniques.  Our transvaginal, laparoscopic, robotic and hysteroscopic surgical approaches offer less pain, smaller incisions, faster recovery and excellent outcomes. Minimally invasive procedures are available at NorthShore for:

As national and international leaders in minimally invasive techniques, surgeons at our Center routinely teach trainees and practicing physicians around the globe the newest, most effective, and safest surgical treatments. Several minimally invasive surgical techniques have been innovated right here at our Center, and are now taught and performed worldwide.

Advanced pelvic health treatment

Innovative Research

The Center for Pelvic Health has distinguished itself by pioneering innovative approaches to common pelvic conditions and incorporating them into clinical practice well ahead of others in the field. From unique single-incision transvaginal repair and uterine-preserving prolapse surgery to identifying early risk factors for chronic pelvic pain, our specialists have conducted groundbreaking clinical research that has greatly influenced the health and lives of women.

Participating in multidisciplinary, multi-site clinical trials, we offer our patients the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging available and the latest therapies such as medications, surgical procedures, injections and devices.

Pelvic health research