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Speak Up for Women’s Health

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Patients Who Spoke Up

At some point during your appointment, your physician usually asks something like, “Anything else you want to talk about?” Most of the time we have some issue at the tip of our tongue, but we bite it and shake our head to say “no.” If we don’t speak up or encourage others to, they could be avoiding the help they need. If you don’t believe us, listen to these women share their stories about how speaking up saved their life.

Like many girls, Allison grew up thinking painful periods were normal and something that she had to deal with. At 35 she decided to seek out help when she wanted to start her family. Allison shares why it is important to take charge of your health.

Megan was 30 years old when she decided to have a preventative double mastectomy and oophorectomy to remove her breasts and ovaries due to a family history of cancer. She looks back on her experiences and shares what lead her to make her decision.

On the outside, Chris had it all. But on the inside she had fear, anxiety and shame after giving birth to a second baby. Chris opens up on how she beat perinatal depression and how other families can, and should, seek help too.

With no family history, Anne almost delayed her colonoscopy screening. Despite her busy schedule she scheduled her appointment, which ended up saving her life! Discover Anne’s story on how routine appointments cannot be missed.

Cynthia wasn’t feeling right and decided to make an appointment with her doctor. She was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and with the help of her doctors, she has a bright future ahead with her family.

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