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Speak Up for Women’s Health

Take the pledge to take action for your health! #SpeakUp4WH

Speak Up for Women’s Health

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Welcome to Speak Up for Women’s Health, a two-week campaign, May 13-27, 2019, to raise awareness about topics within women’s health that are often shied away from.

Far too often women suffer from pain in silence. Whether they think pelvic pain is part of the aging process or they’re too embarrassed to talk about when they should get a mammogram, many women do not speak up. 

Take the Pledge

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We are asking you to take the pledge to Speak Up for Women’s Health! Pledge to talk to your doctor, even if it feels like an awkward conversation. Or, pledge to talk to a woman in your life to help them work up the courage to further take control of their health.

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Print this megaphone below for your chance to participate in NorthShore’s Speak Up for Women’s Health campaign! After you print your megaphone, cut along the dotted lines, snap a selfie with it and share your photo on social. When you share, make sure to tag @NorthShoreWeb and use the hashtag #SpeakUp4WH. When you do, you will be entered to win.

Why Women’s Health?

Whether they think that it is part of the aging process or they’re too embarrassed to talk about it, many women do not know that leakage when laughing is not normal or that you’re supposed to get your first mammogram at age 40. More often than not, women don’t speak up about these issues and we’re here to encourage them to do so.

Why Women’s Health



Speak Up for Your Health


Ladies, you have no problem advocating for your loved ones’ health so why not yours? Yes, it can be uncomfortable talking to your doctor about how sex can be painful or you’re not sure when too much cramping is bad during periods – but it is important that you do. When you don’t, you could be doing more harm than good. NorthShore’s experts share health tips on when to go to the doctor, how to manage symptoms and more. Check out these health tips, and while you're at it you can make your appointment too.

Health Tips for You


Patients Who Spoke Up

Why is it important to speak up about your symptoms or to ask your questions? It could save your life! Meet the NorthShore patients who are living a better life because they started that conversation with their doctor and worked with their doctor to further take charge of their health.

Patient Stories



Take the Pledge and Share for Prizes!


When you pledge to take charge of your health and speak up for yourself or on behalf of someone else, you could win! Each pledge gives you two entries to our prize pool and each hashtag used is another entry.

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