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Biomedical Research Informatics

Advancing the field of personalized medicine relies on leading-edge research to improve the healthcare of individual patients and their families to that of whole communities. Data collection is central to the research endeavor. Access to health histories, clinical outcomes and genetic characteristics significantly enhances genomic-based research. This new wealth of information helps to link specific genetic characteristics to a variety of diseases and conditions. The end result? The development of highly individualized patient care strategies from prevention to treatment.

Simply amassing genomic information means little without the infrastructure and systematic processes to support its collection and analysis. The Center for Biomedical Research Informatics (CBRI) at NorthShore ensures that the valuable genomic as well as clinical data housed in our renowned electronic medical record system serves as an important resource for investigators. Working across multiple disciplines, the CBRI is a leader in developing innovative data acquisition, analysis and visualization tools that support and promote new breakthroughs in personalized care.