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Discontinued Tests

Effective 5/4/2021 Color Genetic Test has been discontinued

  • You can still continue to access the Color portal for insights and participate in research if interested. For assistance, call Color directly at 844-352-6567
  • This test provided valuable genetic insights about risk for cancer, heart conditions, and how your body processes certain medications.
  • The patient portion cost for this test was $175
  • Your clinical results are integrated with your NorthShore Electronic Medical Record and accessible to you and your physician.
  • Interpretation of results can change with new data. For example, some patients are identified as carriers of ‘Variants of Uncertain Significance’ or ‘VUS’. This means that a variant was identified in which the clinical impact is not fully understood. Should a variant be reclassified as being significant or benign, NorthShore will contact you via NorthShoreConnect. Color will also update your Color online account.
  • You can call 847.570.GENE(4363) if you have any questions about your previous testing.