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GHI - How to Participate

Participation in GHI is easy. It’s also completely voluntary and at no cost to you.

In order to participate, please follow the steps below:

  • Review our frequently asked questions.
  • At any point, call one of our study staff members at 224.364.7470 for more information about the study.
  • If you are enrolled in NorthShoreConnect, logon and click on the Genomic Health Initiative enrollment link to read and electronically sign the consent form. Or, visit one of our Enrollment Packet Locations, which are at most outpatient labs, patient service centers, and many medical group locations. You will be asked to complete and return the hardcopy consent form provided in the GHI enrollment packet in order to participate.
  • After consenting, provide a one-time research blood sample (less than one extra tablespoon of your blood will be used for the research). This blood draw can be done during your next clinically scheduled blood draw at any of NorthShore's hospital outpatient labs or patient service centers, or you can come in just for the research blood draw after we receive your completed consent form.

At NorthShore, we take our patients’ privacy and confidentially very seriously. Should you consent to participate, your genetic sample will not become part of your electronic medical record (EMR). Also, it will be de-identified and assigned a research number to further protect your confidentiality. All genomic samples gathered for this study will be stored in a highly secured facility within NorthShore.

The Genomic Health Initiative team continues to engage with the community through informational events. Please see our schedule below for our upcoming events, and contact the GHI team for details if you might be interested in attending. If you are interested in arranging an informational event for your organization, please contact the GHI team at 224.364.7470 or

 Past Events  Date
Council for Jewish Elderly September 12, 2017
Rush University August 8, 2017
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital March 9,2016
 American Craft Exposition  September 25, 2015
 Mather Home Presentation  August 26, 2015
 Glenview Chamber of Commerce Women's Luncheon  July 21, 2015
 Presbyterian Home  May 27, 2015
 Festival of Cultures Skokie  May 16, 2015
 Wellness Fair at the Mather  May 15, 2015
 Covenant Retirement Home  February 17, 2015
 GHI Media Interview - Univision  February 16, 2015
 Highland Park Hospital Community Advisory  Committee Meeting  January 16, 2015
 Glenbrook Hospital Community Advisory Committee Meeting  November 17, 2014
 American Craft Exposition  August 22-24, 2014

For further information, or for any additional questions or concerns about the Genomic Health Initiative, please call 224.364.7470 or email You may also download our brochure.