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Pediatric Surgery

Operating Capabilities | Surgical Specialties

Children are not just smaller versions of grown-ups when it comes to surgical care. Surgery for infants to teens demands expertise from pediatric surgeons trained in the care of young patients. NorthShore offers a number of pediatric surgical services in a variety of specialties, ranging from general pediatric surgery to head and neck surgery. For the treatment of a common case of appendicitis to rare congenital disorders, our multidisciplinary pediatric surgery team stands ready to help your child grow and thrive.

Operating Capabilities for Children

Delivering the highest level of pediatric surgical care means providing child-centric services. NorthShore features pediatric radiologic imaging and anesthesia capabilities that meet the standards of the American College of Surgeons. Our board-certified pediatric surgeons have vast experience using innovative minimally invasive techniques for decreased pain, faster recovery and less scarring. They are also skilled in performing the latest open surgical approaches to achieve the best outcomes in children for now and the future.

Our pediatric surgical experts closely collaborate with medical specialists to ensure your child’s well-being before, during and after surgery. At NorthShore, our pediatric advanced practice nurses help to guide, educate and comfort patients and their families throughout the surgical journey.

Pediatric Surgical Specialties

Our pediatric surgical services meet, if not exceed, those of the Chicago area’s top children’s hospitals. NorthShore offers a diverse range of pediatric surgical expertise. Our pediatric specialty areas include:

  • General Pediatric Surgery
    Our pediatric general surgeons focus on the correction of abnormalities in the chest and abdomen. They also treat trauma emergencies.

    For the care of newborns diagnosed with antenatal congenital diseases, our surgeons work closely with NorthShore’s maternal fetal medicine and neonatology specialists. Together they develop individualized care plans to ensure your baby gets off to a healthy start in life. Our pediatric general surgeons regularly treat congenital disorders such as diaphragmatic hernia, lung malformations and esophageal atresia, to name a few.

    For more information about pediatric surgery or to arrange a visit, please call 847.644.5755.

  • Pediatric Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
    We provide pediatric head and neck surgery care for children with complex airway, voice, resonance and swallowing disorders. Treatment options include endoscopic sinus surgery, tonsillectomy, cholesteatoma surgery, adenoidectomy and laryngeal and tracheal reconstruction.

    For more information about pediatric head and neck surgery, please call 847.504.3300.

  • Pediatric Plastic Surgery
    Congenital anomalies. Accidents. Surgery. These are among the many reasons that your child may require plastic surgery. Our internationally known pediatric plastic surgery team performs reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to repair and enhance a wide array of conditions including cleft lip, ear lobe repair, mole removal, scar revision and wound care. We offer expertise in employing innovative tissue expansion for reconstruction of congenital and acquired deformities.

    For more information about pediatric plastic surgery, please call 847.504.2300