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Voice Therapy

Depending on the diagnosis from your physician, voice therapy may be recommended. Voice therapy provides behavioral and rehabilitative treatment for the speaking and singing voice for a wide variety of voice disorders. It generally includes a combination of education on vocal health and conservation, as well as a close look at modifying behaviors that relate to your voice. Each course of voice therapy offers the patient a custom-made program of exercises and techniques to be practiced both in the clinic setting and in everyday life.

The duration of voice therapy typically runs between 4-10 visits, and includes an initial complete voice evaluation done by one of our experienced voice pathologists.

Voice Evaluation

The voice evaluation serves as an opportunity for the voice pathologist to gather pertinent information needed to develop a personalized treatment plan. This includes a thorough history of the voice problem and a comprehensive evaluation involving both perceptual measures and computerized voice analysis in one of our multiple laboratories. This type of evaluation allows the clinician to design a program for the patient specific to his/her needs that will foster healthy and clear voice production.

Voice Treatment

Treatment includes vocal health education and therapy that focuses on balancing the subsystems of voice: respiration, phonation, and resonance.

The goal of voice therapy is to give patients the tools needed to eliminate maladaptive vocal behaviors, improve the quality of the voice by implementing healthy behaviors, and in some cases to assist in the transition back to healthy voice use after surgery.

Our voice pathologists provide you with guidance and tools to maximize your outcome for long-term results. We work to help you meet your vocal needs.