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Other Implantable Devices

About Hearing Implants (Baha and Sophono)

For some patients, traditional hearing aids and cochlear implants are not appropriate, and other implantable devices may be recommended. Baha and Sophono are unique systems designed for patients with single-sided deafness, conductive or mixed hearing loss. Evaluation for these implantable devices involves an audiology evaluation, including a hearing test, tympanometry and acoustic reflexes in addition to a consultation by an otology specialist.

Hearing Implant Procedure

The Baha system involves surgery by an otologist to fix a titanium abutment to the temporal bone. The external portion of the Baha is attached to the abutment and is programmed by an audiologist three to six months after surgery. A Baha can also be fit on a soft band without the surgical abutment for small children that are not yet old enough for Baha surgery. 

The Sophono hearing implant also requires surgery by an otologist to attach a magnetic plate to the temporal bone. An audiologist programs the Sophono processor one month after the surgery, and the external processor communicates with the internal portion through a magnet under the skin.

Both Baha and Sophono processors can be trialed in the office with a soft headband to determine possible benefit.

For More Information

For more information or to schedule an appointment for an implant evaluation, call 847.504.3300.