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Hearing Loss Testing

Because hearing loss can affect people of all ages, we offer a number of testing options designed to meet the needs of every patient, from newborns to adults. While measuring the degree of hearing loss in a patient, certain audiology tests will also be able to determine the type of hearing loss. Following an evaluation of test results, our audiologists will recommend the best course of action for a patient, possibly including the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants or other implantable devices to improve hearing.

Our hearing loss tests include:

Because gradual hearing loss often takes place over such an extended period of time, a patient may not realize he or she has lost some hearing ability in one or both ears. Symptoms of hearing loss may be first noted by a friend or family member who has noticed a decreased ability of the patient to understand and follow conversations.

For Patients Age Four and Under

Our Audiologists are able to provide comprehensive hearing loss tests in infants and children through a variety of assessment options, including:

Behavioral tests such as visual reinforcement audiometry and conditioned play audiometry require some level of interaction and cooperation from the child. Objective tests such as acoustic immittance (tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests) and otoacoustic emissions require children to sit relatively still for up to 30 seconds.

The purpose of audiology testing is to determine the health of the ear and its ability to hear, and children may require more than one visit for a complete hearing evaluation. Timely management of hearing loss in infants and children improves speech and language abilities, learning and the development of interpersonal connections.

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