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Colorectal Surgery

Colon, rectal and anal diseases can range from benign anal fissures to colon cancer. NorthShore’s colorectal surgeons deliver exceptional care for a variety of conditions using the latest technologies. The majority of our colon surgery cases are performed with minimally invasive techniques. Our longstanding reputation for excellence has made us one of the leaders in Illinois for the high number of colon surgeries we perform using laparoscopic and/or robotic surgical approaches.

Patients needing a colorectal surgeon may suffer from a wide array of ailments, including:

Individualized patient care begins with a multidisciplinary team approach. Our colorectal surgeons work closely with a number of specialists, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists and geneticists. Additionally, our trained enterostomal therapists help to support patients with stomas, such as colostomies, after colon surgery.

For More Information

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