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Comprehensive Hernia Surgery

Hernias cause pain, limit function and lead to poor quality of life for millions of men and women. A very common condition, hernias develop when intestines or fatty tissue bulge through weak spots or tears in the muscles of the abdominal wall. Surgery remains the only treatment option.

At NorthShore, we repair all types of hernias through our uniquely-focused Comprehensive Hernia Surgery Center. For the common groin (inguinal) hernia to the less-often seen incisional or abdominal wall hernia, our general surgeons have extensive experience performing abdominal wall reconstruction using state-of-the-art mesh materials and techniques. We continually distinguish ourselves by achieving excellent outcomes and low recurrence rates. Additionally, our high volume and outstanding track record allows us to give patients access to the latest biomedical devices via clinical trials or as soon as they are FDA-approved and commercially available. We also offer a variety of mesh materials, from nylon to gortex—each best suited to particular types of hernia repairs.

Skilled in advanced minimally invasive surgery, our surgeons employ a laparoscopic surgical approach whenever possible to repair groin (inguinal) hernias—the most commonly occurring hernia affecting men. In fact, we are one of the few centers that consistently treat the majority of groin hernia repairs laparoscopically. For abdominal wall reconstruction, we offer both laparoscopic and open surgery options depending on your unique situation.

Providing comprehensive care, our hernia surgery team closely partners with specialists in physical therapy, infectious diseases and wound care, to name a few. As lifestyle such as smoking or conditions such as diabetes can contribute to the development of hernias, we also provide risk factor modification resources such as weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

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