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General Surgery

Broadly trained to take care of diverse conditions, our general surgeons provide a vast array of elective, emergent and trauma surgery services throughout the NorthShore system.

Board-certified in general surgery, our specialists provide surgical consultation and perform a wide range of in-office and hospital-based procedures. We offer surgical treatments for a variety of common to complex ailments, from the removal of skin lesions (“lumps and bumps”) or gallbladders to the repair of hernias.

Other surgical services include wound care and the placement of medical devices such as feeding tubes and peritoneal dialysis catheters.

NorthShore’s general surgeons are skilled in both advanced minimally invasive and open surgical procedures. Whenever possible, we take a laparoscopic approach involving smaller incisions and minimal trauma to surrounding tissue to optimize the comfort and recovery of our patients.

By its very nature, general surgery calls for expansive multidisciplinary collaboration depending on each patient’s unique situation. Our general surgeons regularly tap into the wealth of subspecialty surgical expertise at NorthShore and have immediate access to experts ranging from cardiac surgery to surgical oncology. We also work closely with colleagues in cardiology, pulmonology and infectious diseases, to name a few and keep referring physicians up to date on our surgical recommendations for care.

For More Information

For more information on general surgery, please call 847.570.1700.