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Department of Surgery

Outstanding outcomes and highly personalized care distinguish NorthShore’s Department of Surgery. From ambulatory “same-day” procedures to surgery requiring an inpatient hospital stay, you can expect leading-edge care from exceptional surgeons in a wide array of specialties. Along with offering the latest surgical options available, through pioneering research and innovative clinical trials, we are providing surgical care for “what’s next”.

Exceptional Expertise | Innovative Surgical Solutions | Pioneering Research

Exceptional Expertise

Our renowned board-certified surgeons deliver superior care, performing procedures from the simple to the complex. Fellowship-trained physicians provide unparalleled experience and expertise in myriad disciplines from general surgery and cardiac surgery to surgical oncology. Leaders in the field, our specialists participate in regional and national organizations. Many have received high ratings from multiple review sites across the board.

Multispecialty collaboration between surgical and medical specialists ensures the close coordination of services and care. Our qualified and compassionate surgeons, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses are experienced in treating patients of all ages. We partner with you throughout the surgical experience and let you know what to expect from beginning to end to optimize your surgical outcome, healing and recovery. 

Innovative Surgical Solutions

Advances in minimally invasive techniques, 3-D image guiding technology and genomics-driven treatment strategies—especially for cancer—continue to revolutionize surgical care. Our surgeons leverage a diverse menu of sophisticated resources to enhance patient care and safety. NorthShore has been an early adopter of some of today’s most innovative surgical solutions, from the latest heart valve replacements to exciting incision-less endoscopic procedures for esophageal disorders.

Our state-the-art surgical facilities meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our commitment to our patients drives us to consistently achieve surgical benchmarks of success, from low hospital readmissions to surgical site infection rates.

Pioneering Research

At NorthShore, our surgeons use their vast clinical knowledge to advance the tools and techniques essential to enhancing outstanding surgical practice. Many have faculty appointments at the University of Chicago. This blend of hands-on surgical experience and academic strength uniquely allows us to bring the best of both worlds to our patients. A robust clinical trials program immensely improves the odds that we can find a surgical solution to meet your needs.

NorthShore is also home to the one of the nation’s leading surgical simulation centers. This educational resource gives surgeons—near and far—the opportunity to further hone their skills or push boundaries to develop new surgical solutions to drive improved patient outcomes.