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NorthShore’s Driving Rehabilitation Program evaluates an individual’s physical, cognitive and perceptual skills to determine their potential to resume or continue independent driving.  When appropriate, we may also assess the need for and ability to use adaptive equipment for driving.

This program involves two key components:

  1. A clinical evaluation conducted by an experienced occupational therapist with specialized training in the field of driving rehabilitation.
  2. A behind-the-wheel evaluation under the direction of a driving instructor and occupational therapist who have special training working with people with disabilities.

During the clinical evaluation, the occupational therapist will:

  • Gather information about the individual’s driving, medical and social history
  • Assess functional strength and mobility
  • Conduct a comprehensive vision screening
  • Measure reaction time
  • Test cognitive and perceptual skills

The behind-the-wheel evaluation includes assessment of the individual’s basic driving safety in various traffic and driving conditions.  Driving training may be indicated. Driving training is conducted by the driving instructor, this program may focus on learning driving procedures and maneuvers on the road with or without specialized equipment or a modified vehicle.

For more information, please call 847.570.1260.