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Primary Care Sports Medicine

NorthShore’s Primary Care Sports Medicine program provides comprehensive care for athletes of all ages and abilities including diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal issues, concussions and other related conditions.

Board certified and fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine physicians offer unique guidance for athletes in all stages of life. Sports physicals for children and adults are among the many important preventative care services offered.

Our specialists can also provide “exercise prescriptions” to ensure that individuals just beginning to get active, exercise safely and avoid injuries. Other areas of expertise include prevention and treatment of many chronic medical conditions through exercise, such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

Patients who do not respond to traditional treatments, or are not good candidates for surgery, may qualify for regenerative medicine therapies. This technique helps the body heal damaged or traumatized tissue using stem cells.

Our Primary Care Sports Medicine program promotes a healthy lifestyle and works collaboratively with a variety of disciplines including physical therapy and sports nutrition for both injury prevention and treatment.

NorthShore’s Primary Care Sports Medicine experts are active in the community, serving as sideline physicians and offering outreach and advocacy for healthy, active lifestyles. 

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the NorthShore Primary Care Sports Medicine program or to request a consultation, please call 847.866.7846 or fill out the consultation request form.