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The NorthShore Orthopaedic Institute specializes in podiatry. Our uniquely qualified podiatrists treat trauma and diseases of the foot and ankle. We offer comprehensive care providing conservative and surgical options to treat a full range of foot problems, injuries, and maladies including ankle sprains and heel pain to deformities such as bunions and hammer toes.

Podiatry Care

Our podiatrists at NorthShore offer the following services to treat foot injuries and problems.

  • Offer specialized wound care. Our podiatrists use the latest advanced treatment methods including biologic dressing and wound vacuum therapy to fight infection and expedite foot and ankle healing.
  • Manage routine and recurrent conditions like painful lesions of the foot and persistent fungal infections.
  • Manage persistent and painful foot problems. Our podiatrists use a variety of strategies and treatment plans to help patients to avoid surgery whenever possible.
  • Employ the latest technology to treat chronic and potentially debilitating heel pain, an increasingly common complaint for today's aging and active population.
  • Provide advanced surgical options to remove bunions and correct hammer toes. These outpatient procedures provide excellent outcomes for our patients.

NorthShore podiatrists offer excellent care for a full range of foot diseases and injuries, including:

Our surgical and non-surgical solutions to foot and ankle injuries and diseases include the following:

Our specially-trained team includes nationally recognized experts who publish and speak on innovative podiatry care. For more information on podiatry care, request a consultation online.