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Jennifer's Story

In the summer of 2001, Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling, suffering from post partum depression, took her life and left behind a son, husband and grieving family. Since then, Jennifer’s parents, Dr. Charles and Joan Mudd, have spent countless hours researching services and support groups that could have helped Jennifer and other women suffering this disease. They learned there’s a gap in this area of mental health and have donated their time and money to help fill that gap.

The Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling Postpartum Depression Program was established at NorthShore University HealthSystem to serve as support for women in crisis and to implement screening to identify women before their condition becomes critical.

“My hope is that no other woman will have to suffer in silence and shame and terror from a disease that comes out of nowhere,” said Mrs. Mudd. “I want to ensure that a mother can be taken care of body and soul and will never suffer the way Jennifer suffered. I don’t want to see that pain in any face again.”

How We Can Help

Your total wellness is important to during this special time in your life.  Just as you, your doctors and nurses pay special attention to keeping your body healthy, remember that your spirits are just as important.  If you think you may be suffering from postpartum depression, you are not alone, we can help you find help.

We have a 24 hour crisis hotline where we can help you find the help you need.  Please call us at  866.364.MOMS (6667).