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Our Facilities

At NorthShore University HealthSystem we believe that having a baby is not just a single event but a journey that starts before you become pregnant and last beyond the time you take your baby home. Our philosophy of childbirth is the same throughout the NorthShore University HealthSystem network: give every family the education, support, and facilities to meet their unique needs. Our family-friendly delivery options let you have the birthing experience of your choice. You may choose to deliver your baby at either Evanston Hospital or Highland Park Hospital. At either facility, you'll receive the same warm, personal attention from highly trained professionals, and you can tailor a program of maternity care to have the birth experience of your choice.

Evanston Hospital 

Evanston Hospital offers the best of two worlds: A long-standing tradition of individual, personalized care and the very latest in high technology services.

At Evanston Hospital you can deliver in the warmth of one of our home-like Labor, Delivery, and Recovery rooms, in the care of a nurse who has personal responsibility for you and your family.

Highland Park Hospital

Highland Park Hospital's Family Birthing Center is the only place in Lake County where you can labor, deliver, recover, and complete your postpartum hospital stay in the same private suite. Each birthing suite is equipped with a TV, private bathroom with handheld shower, and a bed for your spouse or partner. Your newborn stays with you, of course.