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Osteoporotic Spine Fractures

Osteoporosis occurs when the bones gradually become weak, increasing the risk of fractures. It is most common in women over the age of 60, and often leads to injuries in the hips, wrists and spine. Causes can range from heredity, age, ethnicity, hormones (menopause, thyroid) and lifestyle choices. 

The most common sites for osteoporotic fractures are in the back (vertebral compression fracture), the hip and the wrist. Annually in the United States, over 700,000 patients develop vertebral compression fractures. 

Osteoporotic Spine Fractures Symptoms and Diagnosis

You may not recognize a fracture immediately. It’s important for those with chronic pain or patients who have been previously diagnosed with osteoporosis to be examined by a doctor. Symptoms include:

  • Severe back pain
  • Back pain worsened by standing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Increasingly bad posture
  • Initial diagnosis usually involves X-rays of the back. However; CT or MR scans may also be necessary.

Treatment Options for Osteoporotic Spine Fractures

At NorthShore, we have an excellent track record of success in relieving our patients of their back pain with minimally invasive procedures to correct osteoporotic spinal fractures. Using a small incision, your interventional radiologist will use a small needle to inject cement into the fractured vertebra cavity, strengthening the bone and repositioning the vertebra. Our treatment options do not require back surgery, allowing you to leave the hospital the same day your procedure is performed.

Our interventional radiology team uses advanced techniques to treat osteoporotic spine fractures including:

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